The present market is based on mostly Androids & Yes companies like Nokia, Motorola got failed to accept the Market trends. One must be sure to know what exactly people loves and try to follow in the market. We have seen huge changes in the Mobility and the world of Internet has completely changed now. Blackberry the RIM producer also in the song of Android these days. If they want to save their presence in the market they have to adapt or opt it right away.

New Smartphone BlackBerry Passport
New Smartphone BlackBerry Passport

From the last few months we all are hearing buzz updates about Blackberry to bring Android phone to the market and several pictures of the phone were leaked some days back. Now the company has announced it. As expected, the BlackBerry Slider smartphone with the Android OS is coming. According to the CEO of BlackBerry, the BlackBerry smartphone will be launched in BlackBerry Priv Android OS. In this smartphone people’s privacy will be taken care widely.

The smartphone’s photo was leaked some days back on the Internet constantly. The first news was that the name of the smartphone ‘Blackberry Venice’, but now it is named as ‘BlackBerry Priv’. This slider smartphone can be shown in the leaked photos.

The smartphone has not received any official information yet about the features on the website according to Blackberry. Smartphone have 5.4 inch 1440p display and a Snapdragon 808 will be imposed in this phone. The mobile phone will come with 3GB RAM and 18 megapixel camera along with 5-megapixel camera to take Selfies with the smartphone.

The phone could hit the market by end of this year. However, official information of its availability and price have not yet declared. So Folks get ready to taste the Android material from Blackberry.