The selection and placement in the code site META-Tag: a brief description. This is done with control of words and phrases for which the site should be in the search engines. Pages of the site should have a clear URL – it’s more convenient for both people and search engines, which will take into account the page theme. Regardless to popular opinion, META-tag keywords does not affect ranging in the search engines already for a long time. This is caused by excessive abusing of this tag by webmasters.

seo-white opt
seo-white opt

Optimizing of site texts, that is, ensuring that the texts are equivalent to META-tags. Thus, in the text there should meet the words identified in the META-tags, as key words. It’s possible also the increase of the “weight” of the word in the text by highlighting it in bold. But do not forget that an overabundance of keywords in the text can hurt. First, the text may be just a bad read. Secondly, the search engines may perceive it as spam. An important part of internal optimization is the optimization of the robots.txt files. This allows the search engines know which pages are not to be indexed, to specify the correct address (with or without www), and glue/stick together the mirror page.


Ways of external white optimization

The adding a site to the database searches. This is a kind of “help” to the search engines to test and add the appropriate site with its next issuance in search results. The submission of your site in the reputable DMOZ, Yandex  catalogue sites. The placing of press releases on the Internet, with reference to the promoted website.