The basic truth about Creative Commons is that a photo or image which is placed under a Creative Commons license enables you, the ‘borrower’, to copy, distribute, and display the work providing the photo or image is correctly attributed to the owner. Every CC license applies worldwide, is non-revocable, is not exclusive, and lasts for the duration of the works copyright.

Creative Commons for Bloggers
Creative Commons for Bloggers

Photo Pin is a nice website which can help you with CC images. It says:  “Search millions of Creative Commons photos from Flickr and add them to your blog posts easily.” Use the search to find the image you want, click on the ‘gets photo’ option on the image and you’re given the option of what size/resolution image you want, a link to the original image and (more importantly) the HTML code to correctly attribute the photo, the owner, and CC license.

In short, it is not permissible for anyone to use any image or content that has a Creative Commons license. There are different levels to this license and each has different requirements for use.

  • CC by Attribution: It is this license that allows you to use the image any way you want, commercially or non-commercially, as long as you clearly provide attribution. You are allowed to edit the image, publish it on your blog, and even distribute it through your emails or social networks. However, in every location you must provide a link as specified by the image
  • CC by Attribution – No Derivs: This license gives you the right to distribute the image, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, and you must attribute it to the creator. However, you are not allowed to alter the image in any way. You can’t even add a border.
  • CC by Attribution – ShareAlike: This license allows you to edit and distribute the image, for commercial and non-commercial purposes. You must credit the creator and you must also license the altered image under an identical CC by Attribution – ShareAlike license.
  • CC by Attribution – Non-Commercial: This license allows you to do everything the CC by Attribution allows, with one difference: You can only use the image for non-commercial purposes.
  • CC by Attribution – Non-commercial – NoDerivs: This license is the most restrictive. You may only use and share the images as long as you credit the owner, and for non-commercial purposes.
  • CC by Attribution – Non-commercial – ShareAlike: This license allows you to edit the image and use it for non-commercial purposes, only, as long as you credit the owner.

In all the above cases, attribution links crediting the owner or creator must be made very clearly visible, these must be working links, and they must be in close proximity to the image.

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