Dear Fella! Whatsapp is the most popular Messaging Services in the whole world at the moment. As we know Facebook have Acquired the giant social app for 16$ billion. At the time of its launching Whatsapp Inc. it was availed free for 1 year or more than 18 months. whatsapp is multi plateform application which runs on iPhone, Nokia, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phones. Anything left? i guess no 🙂 You Must be thinking about How to Renew Whatsapp Free? or How To Make WhatsApp Free For Lifetime.


So Its biggest services which have cut down your SMS bills and the telephone companies also feels that its terrible service. So lets come back to the main point. This application gives you 1 year free subscription and after that it must ask you about Renewal for 1 year or 2 years or  5 years. You should be aware about it, that Renewal Fee is about 0.99$ which is 55/- INR approx. People who wants to renew it they will have to pay this nominal fee either with Google Wallet or paypal options which we will discuss in our upcoming articles about it.

Folks! many of us would like to get this app free for lifetime. Now its all about your luck, Sometimes it works completely and sometimes not really. But still we can take a chance to get it free for lifetime. Here we go, read carefully the Tricks and follow as its written below;

Best Tricks for Whatsapp
Best Tricks for Whatsapp

Steps & 6 Easy Ways To Renew Whatsapp Free For Life Time :

  • Your Existing Whatsapp account must be worked on Android or iphone or any other plateform. You need to delete it from there.
  • In the Next step, you Must have iOS phone or i can say it should be iPhone. If you own it then really good and if you do not have iPhone then you can borrow it from your Dear friend 🙂
  • Now what next, This iphone should not have pre-installed whatsapp. that means you need to install first time whatsapp on this iPhone.
  • You can download it from iTunes or app store easily. It will be free there.
  • Install Whatsapp on this Iphone and then Get activated your number and verify it.
  • After all this process Now you have to Use your verified Number on your old existing device. This is make your services for lifetime.

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