IPhone is considered as one of the best smartphones available on the market. It enables to access multitasking feature and the applications make your work mush easy. You can do a lot of things with your mobile. The current generation smartphones provide intelligent computing and communicating services. With the rising demand for Apple devices and iPhone series, there is a growth in several applications. At present there are apps available for different categories ranging from in finance, entertainment, health, education to leisure and more. Here is the list of 5 successful apps for your iPhone.


Google Drive

Installing this app in your iPhone, you can share documents with your network. It has all the functions similar to that of Dropbox. It syncs with your other Google accounts and protects your data. It offers simple editing and cloud storage on the go. You can get 5 GB free storage and if you want 25 GB, you need to pay around £17 per year.


This is one of the best photo editing application available for the iPhone devices. This version is specially designed for touch screens. You can now edit photos with ease. You can use various effects to make your pictures even better.


For all the music lovers, who want to listen new songs every day, this is an app which would be useful. There are millions of songs available on this app and depending on your pattern of music you can select them. It makes enlist online radio stations which suits your tastes. This is one application which most people agree as one of the best apps available for the iPhone.


With Yelp, you can find nearby restaurants, banks and bars. It gives you thousands of reviews written by its regular users who are passionate about their favourite restaurants and bars. You can find a good restaurant near your area or locality for that special date.



You can take pictures with iPhone’s built-in camera and upload them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. You can also upload them on your blog or photo-sharing site like Shutter shock or Flickr. This links your device with various online services enabling the easy update of blogs or social networking sites from anywhere.

The above-mentioned are a few of the thousands of app available. You have applications in every genre. For example; you have ppi claims calculator to help you. You have some amazing apps for editing, gaming, photography, writing, reading, shopping and more.

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