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How Social Media Changing Our Life.

Social Media & life

More and more, the impact of social media is felt in many aspects of people’s lives. Living has never involved so much of socializing than that of today. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all tools which we drive the desire to be interconnected. In a short span of time, the whole world has become a network, bringing some truth in the expression “world wide web”. The evolution of the human race as a … [Read More...]

Indian Fastest Growing Professional Studies, STEPS Training Academy.


Meet ths Indian Fastest Growing Startup in Professional Studies and Training Academy. I met him in 2009 back in Automobile Industry and Then we worked together in same Group for years. But later on He was fond of his own creations and his training academy plans. Which he is able to execute and performing so well with better results. Engaging lots of customers and users. HE have made his life's 360 … [Read More...]

A Technology Failure? Malaysian Airlines plane MH 370 Still Missing.

Technology Failure?

Technologies Big Failure? Malaysian Airlines plane MH 370 Still Missing. Whole World is waiting for any Sure update about Malaysian Airlines plane's disappearance mystery, not yet solved. Meanwhile some of the News Agencies showed a few pieces of sea in Vietnam. Although the Navy of Viet Nam, were not able to justify that they have found aircraft door was claimed as pieces of debris. Airline's … [Read More...]

6 Easy Ways To Renew Whatsapp Free For Life Time.

WhatsApp Messenger

Dear Fella! Whatsapp is the most popular Messaging Services in the whole world at the moment. As we know Facebook have Acquired the giant social app for 16$ billion. At the time of its launching Whatsapp Inc. it was availed free for 1 year or more than 18 months. whatsapp is multi plateform application which runs on iPhone, Nokia, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phones. Anything left? i guess no :) … [Read More...]

Blast, Fire At Building In Harlem 116 Park Avenue NY Said Social Media.

Hello Readers! Do you Think Media, Social Media or Interent Really makes us so easy ways to reach out each and every part of the world? I feel Yes. I am just watching News from Indian News Channels. Here its a big News about Blast, Fire Reported At Building In East Harlem 116 Street (A Building on Park Avenue Street In NEW YORK). It has been reported that Firstly there was a blast and then It captured fire and just near to North Railway Metro Service Line the building got collapsed. Now this Rail Line has been stopped. Reported as it has occurred around 9:00 AM. Take a look at this image of … [Read More...]

Blast, Fire At Building In 116 Park Avenue New York

Sony Launched The Latest Xperia Z2 Handset in India.

In Indian store the latest Sony handset, the Xperia Z2 has been spotted. This phone has been seen at the ebay Indian store. This phone is imported by an international seller from Houston, United State. Sony has started taking pre-orders of this new Sony handset in German and UK at a price of Euro 599 and GBP 599 respectively. A 20.7 MP camera and a 4K camcorder, blender in a Smartphone The Xperia Z2 combines with a large 20.7 MP and 4K video capture. This unique combination means this new model has the same performance and quality as a real compact digital camera. The Xperia Z2 deliver … [Read More...]

Xperia Z2

3 Easy Steps To Make Rich Pins For Pinterest.

Validate Rich Pins

Today I got To know how to Write Rich Pins. I just Looked around Pinterests Developer Site And Some Other Goofed Stuff as well. We have Strictly Few options to Use. And If you are good at coding and Scripting then you can choose oEmbed, shopify or HTML Varification methods or Simply By using Yoast Plugin as well. I Have Been with All 3 Options But More over All Users are not Cody and Goofing around the websites and Codes. So i can suggest the Easily Way to make your Pins Rich on is shown Below step by step. You Need to Validate your Rich Pins & apply to get them on … [Read More...]

Manni Sandhu – Friday feat. Manjit Pappu Song Download.

Manni Sandhu - Friday feat. Manjit Pappu

THE OFFICIAL FRIDAY VIDEO IS OUT NOW!!! WATCH IT AT: Music video by Manni Sandhu feat. Manjit Pappu performing Friday (C) 2014 Collab Creations Ltd Song: Friday Music: Manni Sandhu iTunes Download "Friday" now: … [Read More...]